see. learn. heal.
Welcome to Hindsight Veterinary Care, a practice offering an alternate path to the best health of your animal. My name is Michael Salewski, DVM, the founder and sole practitioner at Hindsight. I utilize the modalities of chiropractic and Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary therapy) to treat any and all problems, either with these therapies alone or together with treatments chosen by your primary veterinarian. Many animals come to me from the performance world from owners and trainers looking to optimize that performance by improving suppleness, strength, and stamina. Other patients need management of pain, weakness, or the multitude of other issues that crop up with age. Still more cases are seen because conventional therapies just aren’t working or are creating unwanted side effects. Whatever the complaint, this practice treats every patient as an individual and tailors treatment specifically for their, and your, needs.

There is much in the website I hope will be both informative and fun. Check out the
Written in Hindsight blog; all sorts of topics will find their way to this page: new happenings at the practice, discussions of veterinary medicine, case studies, stories from the past, and even occasional musings about life in general.

For anyone wanting more details about the therapies offered at Hindsight—not just how they work, but when they might be a useful addition to your companion's healthcare—the
Services section of the website is where you want to be.

About Us (more appropriately I suppose, about me) is not only a listing of my credentials, it is also the tale of my journey through veterinary medicine to its current waypoint at Hindsight.

Finally, the ubiquitous and self-explanatory
Contact page. Aside from scheduling appointments, I am more than happy to answer any questions specific to your needs, so don't hesitate to email or call, if only for some guidance.


Be mindful.
For now, forget the start point,
the end point,
and the mechanics of method.
Trace the pattern.
See. Learn. Heal.